Your wedding photographer will already have a checklist of their own for your big day. They already know what photos to take and what important moments to capture of the ceremony and reception, but as the future newlyweds, perhaps there are some memorable moments that you also want to capture.

Whether it’s a loved one’s portrait, a handcrafted decor, family members, friends on the dance floor, or others, you want to make sure that they are in your wedding photo album. 

To help you ensure that your photographer captures all the special moments of your wedding, we’re here to help you have the ultimate wedding photography checklist for all the wedding moments you don’t want to miss.

The Wedding Photography Checklist

You want to capture the fantastic stuff that was created in preparation for your wedding. These may not be part of the ceremony but hold significance for your special day. Make sure that you have photos taken of the following:

  • Engagement Rings
  • Wedding Invitations or Save the Dates
  • The Ceremony Venue Before the Wedding
  • Key Decor Details in the Venue
  • Bride’s Wedding Dress
  • Groom’s Tux
  • Personalized Wedding Signage
  • Bridal Bouquet
  • The Wedding Transport

The First Look Shoot Photography Checklist

If you want your wedding photos to be more memorable, it’s nice to have private moments between you and your bride or groom captured. That is called the first look shoot.

  • When the Couple First See Each Other Before the Ceremony
  • A First Touch Shoot or Holding Hands Without Seeing Each Other
  • Standing on Either Side of a Door
  • Other Creative First Look and Touch Shoots

The Wedding Photo Checklist

You also want to capture the looks of your guests on your special day, especially the bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, and friends. Of course, you also want your intimate ceremony captured so you can relive the moment many years later.

  • Bride in Hair and Makeup
  • Guests Arriving
  • Members of the Bridal Party Greeting Guests
  • Arriving Parents of the Bride and Groom
  • The Look of the Groom or Bride Standing at the Altar
  • The Groom or Bride Chatting with His Best Man or Her Maid of Honor
  • Bridesmaids Outside the Ceremony Venue (wedding party)
  • Groomsmen Outside the Ceremony Venue
  • Flower Girls and Page Boys
  • Bride(s) or Groom(s) at the Door or Walking Down the Aisle
  • Procession of Bridesmaids
  • Bride with Father or the Person Giving Her Away
  • Front Shot and Behind Shot of Couple
  • Vows
  • Exchanging of Rings
  • First Kiss
  • Signing of Register
  • Recessional 
  • Confetti Outside the Venue

The Wedding Reception Photography Checklist

After the ceremony comes the merrymaking. You want to capture the special moments in the wedding reception and the party itself. More importantly, this will show your first celebration as newlyweds. Here is our wedding photography checklist.

  • Live Entertainment like the Band, a Pianist, or a String Quartet
  • Entrance of the Newlyweds
  • The Receiving Line
  • Guests Mingling
  • Close-Up of Drinks and Canapés
  • Close-Up of the Different Meal Courses
  • Table with Newlyweds and Parents
  • General Shots of the Room and Guests
  • All Speechmakers
  • Guests’ Reactions to Funny or Emotional Speeches
  • Toasts
  • Cutting the Cake
  • Bouquet Toss
  • First Dance
  • Parent-Child Dances
  • Last Dance
  • Just Married’ Car
  • End of the Night or Send-Off to Newlyweds


Capture all the special and memorable moments of your wedding day by sticking to your checklist. You don’t want the celebration to end only to realize that you missed a photo with your dear friend, a family heirloom, a particular moment, or more. 

At B&B Photography, we believe that every love story is epic and deserves to be preserved forever in photos! We are a photography husband and wife duo helping all future newlyweds make their wedding dreams come true. 

We know how documenting your special moments on your special day is so important and meaningful. We want to make sure that you enjoy your wedding day and capture the beautiful moments in photos! Preserve your new love as newlyweds with us! Call us at 775-360-6156 to request our wedding photography services!  We are able to capture not only your wedding day, but also can help with your engagement shoot.