Planning a big wedding can sometimes be a stressful experience. And some couples may choose to avoid the whole ordeal by opting for an elopement wedding instead.

Years ago, eloping would strictly involve running away to get married without telling anyone. However, the definition of an elopement wedding has changed over the years. Now, it can refer to an intimate ceremony that combines the wedding and the honeymoon.

Planning an elopement wedding may seem like a contradictory idea, but eloping isn’t completely spontaneous. If you’re planning to elope somewhere far away, you’d still need to make some necessary preparations to ensure everything runs smoothly. So, here are some things you need to do before you, and your significant other can elope.

Tell Your Parents You’re Planning an Elopement Wedding

Find the time to sit down with your parents and explain why you’ve chosen to elope instead. If your family insists that you host a big wedding for their sake, gently remind them that it is your wedding and emphasize that this is what you and your partner want.

If your parents want to have a ceremony, you can negotiate a small and intimate celebration when you and your partner return from your elopement wedding. You can make it more of a casual celebration with the people you love rather than a big formal event.

Find Out the Legal Requirements in Your Desired Destination

The legal marriage requirements will differ depending on your destination. So, it’s essential to know what legal documents you need to bring for an elopement wedding.

Australia, for example, is a popular destination for elopement weddings. This is because overseas couples can legally marry in Australia without being a citizen or a permanent resident. 

If you’re planning an elopement wedding in Australia, you must complete a notice of intended marriage form and submit it to an authorized marriage celebrant a month in advance. You would also need to secure some legal documents, such as a birth certificate and passport. If you were previously married, you would also need to prove that your past marriage has ended.

Hire a Talented Photographer and Videographer

Just because you decided to elope doesn’t mean you can’t have a remembrance of the elopement wedding. To preserve the memories of your wedding, it would be a great idea to contact some wedding photographers and videographers to document the event. It doesn’t have to be too elaborate. You can still keep things simple while capturing these once-in-a-lifetime moments. 

The perk of getting wedding photos and videos is to have something to share with the people back home. You can go over the pictures and videos at your casual reception back home so that your loved ones don’t feel so left out. These memories are also something you can share with your future children if you decide to have some.

Final Thoughts

When planning an elopement wedding, it’s essential to know what legal requirements you’ll need to get married at your desired destination. It’s also a good idea to tell your loved ones beforehand to lessen the shock and gain their support. And lastly, hiring photographers and videographers may prove to be beneficial, as you’ll have tangible things that will remind you of your elopement.

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