Congratulations on getting engaged! Now that you and your partner are entering a whole new chapter in your life, there’s no better way of preserving precious memories of becoming soon-to-be-weds than by having an engagement shoot.

Besides giving you photos to look back on for years to come, this activity also serves as a bonding experience and helps you get more comfortable in front of a camera. 

When it comes to having engagement photos taken, getting every single detail right is important. This involves choosing the perfect location for the shoot. Since there are many options, picking one can seem overwhelming. To get you inspired, here are some amazing venues to consider:

  1. Open Fields

There is a certain atmosphere of freedom that open fields offer. Wide, expansive fields leave so much room for possibility. The fact that they are perfectly framed by the beautiful colors of the sky makes them the perfect spot for a romantic shoot.

Whether you’re looking to capture a photo of vintage charm framed by a hay bale setting or a series of fun frolicking shots, open fields are wonderful venues for natural light photography.

  1. Mountains

The majesty of the mountains make them an incredible setting for engagement photos. Whether you shoot yours in a national park or a nearby range you often hike, there are so many possibilities at this type of venue.

If you and your partner are nature lovers, consider using the natural setting to frame your love and announce to the world that you’ve finally decided to take the next step of your partnership together.

  1. Lake Overlooks

Large bodies of water often evoke a lot of emotion, and the same is true of lakes. These natural backdrops often evoke a sense of calm and peace. The surface of the water allows the gorgeous sky to be reflected. Consider having your pictures taken early in the morning or during the late afternoon’s golden hour. This will maximize the lighting.

  1. Sandy Beaches

If lakes are calm, peaceful bodies of water, oceans are their powerful, chaotic cousins. Beaches are known for being incredibly romantic. It isn’t surprising that they are popular places to capture natural light engagement photos.

If you select a sandy beach for your photos, be sure to wear clothing that compliments the setting—comfortable, flowy clothes are often best!

  1. Forests

Are you and your partner lovers of adventure? If so, the forest might be the perfect place for your shoot. Foliage makes for wonderful framing, and tall trees provide an excellent backdrop.

Another perk of shooting in the forest is that it isn’t too difficult to find a stretch of wood where strangers won’t disturb your session, allowing the shoot experience to go much more smoothly!

  1. Deserts

Many couples who select the desert as their engagement shoot venue have a love for monochromatic color palettes and boho-chic styles. The scenery makes for many exciting posing possibilities, and like forests, deserts are often less busy and will allow for some privacy during your photo shoot.


The perfect place for your engagement shoot depends on your interests and preferences as a couple. However, being out in nature and using natural light to frame you and your partner can produce some extraordinary results!

If you are now ready to have your engagement photos taken, it’s time to hire a professional photographer.
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