There are dozens of aspects to a wedding that you have to consider during the planning process. One of those things you have to focus on is the wedding invitations, especially if you want to follow wedding invitation trends.

Every year brings out a new selection of trendy designs and material options for wedding invitations. Even though this is not the most crucial aspect of your wedding, it is still something you should carefully consider since it makes a statement.

Keep reading to find out what wedding invitation trends you should follow and what designs are the most suitable for your theme.


One aspect of recent wedding invitation trends is centered around sustainability and being eco-friendly. It is no secret that weddings are not necessarily sustainable, depending on how you plan them.

Eco-friendly wedding invitations often strongly focus on environmentally-conscious wedding stationery and materials. This includes wedding invitations printed on recycled or plantable seed paper that is biodegradable.

Some couples also decide to go a step further by choosing plant or biodegradable ink that is not toxic or harmful to the environment. Another aspect of eco-friendly invitations includes a more minimal approach with fewer materials.

Embossed Gold Leaf Designs

Foil printing is a wedding invitation trend that has been around for some time but isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Embossed gold leaf designs are especially popular right now and provide an elegant and luxurious touch.

These designs often include embossed gold leaf writing that may or may not be slightly raised. These invitations stand out without feeling overwhelming, making them perfect for more simple invitation designs.

You can also choose from metallic colors if gold doesn’t match your theme.

Acrylic and Vellum

If you aren’t worried about an environmentally conscious wedding invitation design, acrylic invitations are trending. This is when your wedding invites are made from acrylic, making them more permanent and durable for those who want to keep them to commemorate your wedding.

Acrylic wedding invites are modern and have a sleek appearance that is entirely different from traditional paper invites. But if this isn’t your cup of tea, vellum paper is also trendy.

Vellum paper is modern but has a soft and chic appearance that is very different from traditional stationery. It adds a romantic touch that is perfect for many wedding themes and is ideal if you want a minimal look.

Wax Seal

Many wedding invitation trends right now are centered around more traditional ideas. An example of this is wedding invites with a wax seal, which has a Victorian feel.

Couples can customize this by choosing different colors of wax and different styles of seals to make the impression. You can press additional items into the wax seal, such as dried foliage or ribbons.

Hand Crafted

A trend for wedding invitations that many couples are following has a more personalized and unique approach. There are many resources online that now allow couples to choose handcrafted wedding invites that are designed specifically for them.

Handcrafted invitations are a great option if you have something specific in mind that you can’t find anywhere else. This gives you complete creative control, perfect for couples who want their invitation to make an impression.

Some handcrafted invitations are designed specifically with the wedding in mind or may have handwritten calligraphy or hand-painted designs.

Invitation Envelopes

Every aspect of the wedding invitation process provides a possibility for more customization. Couples are taking advantage of this as invitation envelopes are starting to stand out more.

It is normal for wedding invites to come in an envelope, but now they are becoming a more significant part of the invitation. You can achieve a more elegant and sophisticated look by pairing your invitation with an envelope with a similar design.

You can also make your invitations stand out by using a wax seal, a specially designed sticker, or tying it closed with a ribbon.

Wedding Invitation Trends: The Little Details

When designing invitations, you must consider everything from the paper to the color palette and fonts. Ensuring the invitations pair well with your theme is essential so everything feels cohesive.

Fonts are essential since these can set the tone for your theme, whether it is more traditional or elegant or you have a more lighthearted theme. Your color palette should also reflect this without going overboard since you want these invitations to be simple.

You also don’t want to overlook the importance of the paper you choose since this can completely change how the invitation looks. Many couples choose higher quality paper with a slight texture since it stands out. Thicker and more textured paper will also make your font pop and help to soften specific color palettes.

Some couples choose to have a couple photo on the invitation, but this has slowly been going out of style. You don’t want to add too many creative elements to the invites since this will take away from the little details and can start to look overwhelming.


Every aspect of your wedding has an impact on how it makes people feel and how it symbolizes your love story. Even something as simple and seemingly insignificant as your wedding invitations can affect this.

That is why you should consider wedding invitation trends and how these align with your goals and theme. You want to consider everything from the fonts to the colors to the type of materials you choose.
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