One of the most important aspects of any wedding is wedding photography since this is how your special day is commemorated. That is why wedding photography poses are crucial when capturing authentic and natural photos.

It can be deceptively challenging to capture wedding photos that feel natural and romantic while still having beautiful poses. There is a delicate balance between planning and taking photos spontaneously to capture those special moments.

This article will discuss some of the most trendy wedding photography poses that give your photos a unique touch. So keep reading to find out what wedding photos you should choose from and how to plan them with your photographer!

Blind Folded

There are many wedding photography poses that walk the line between feeling traditional as well as unique. Blindfolded photos are an excellent example, as they are slightly traditional but still have a unique and creative touch.

Blindfolded photos can be taken with the bride or the groom covering the other person’s eyes. This style of photography is often done before the first look, but it can also be staged to capture that exciting and lighthearted atmosphere.

A blindfolded pose is the perfect way to incorporate more lighthearted and personable photos that still feel authentic to the big day. This is also the perfect opportunity to bring attention to the bride’s ring if she covers the groom’s eyes.

Laying in the Grass

For couples who want more playful and whimsical wedding photography, there are several wedding poses to choose from. A laying-in-the-grass pose is one trendy pose that is perfect for all wedding themes. This is a pose where the bride and groom lie on the ground with their faces in opposite directions but their heads close together.

A pose like this is easy to adjust depending on the mood you want to capture. The couple can laugh, or the pose can feel more romantic, with the bride cradling the groom’s face.

The bride’s veil can also be used in the photograph by wrapping it around the couple or lightly skewed over their faces to create a unique perspective.

The First Look

The first look is a classic wedding photography moment that most couples have. Although this is very common, there is no risk of it being overdone since every couple experiences this moment so differently.

The first look is when the groom sees the bride for the first time in her wedding gown, allowing the photographer to capture a truly romantic moment. This pose is popular because it provides a perfect environment for capturing an authentic reaction. 

When it comes to wedding photography, authentic and natural photos will always outmatch the more posed shots.

Have a Dance

Any dancing photograph of the couple is usually a win since there will always be authentic moments during a dance. Many photographers prefer to capture the first dance, but this isn’t always possible since that often happens at the wedding reception.

Couples can imitate this pose by practicing their first dance during their wedding photography shoot. Often, these photographs will be imperfect since there is so much movement, but that adds to the beauty and authenticity.

Dancing photos also provide the perfect opportunity to highlight the beauty of the bride’s wedding gown and veil.

Photo Frame

If you want something creative for your wedding photographs, one option is to do a photo frame pose. This is when the couple holds up a large picture frame and strikes different poses within the frame.

A photo frame photo shoot is more common for vintage or retro-inspired weddings, but this is also perfect for more traditional or rustic weddings. You can set the tone of the photographs with the type of picture frame you choose and how the couple poses inside it.

Final Kiss

You can’t have a wedding photo shoot without a few kissing poses to add the magic. A classic photo that will never go out of style is the final kiss once the couple has loosened up a bit.

There are many options to choose from, whether the couple wants something a little more lighthearted where the groom is lifting or dipping the bride. Or they can choose something a little more romantic and gentle, like a photograph with the veil wrapped around them as they are kissing.

It is a good idea to choose multiple kissing shots so the couple can choose the ones that feel the most authentic to their love story.

How to Capture Authentic Wedding Photography Poses

Capturing wedding photography poses that look beautiful without being overly staged isn’t always easy. That is why working closely with your wedding photographer is important to ensure you get the best results.

It is important to have a flexible timeline for taking photos. If the timeline is too short, it will stress everyone and make it difficult to take enough time for everybody to loosen up to get those special shots.

You also need to communicate closely with your photographer so that they know where to be at the right time to capture authentic moments. Spending time with your photographer will also make it easier to feel at ease and comfortable during the photography process.

Remember that you need to be planning for your separate photo shoot and how the actual wedding day will be photographed.


Wedding photography poses are the backbone of any wedding since this is what will commemorate your special day. That is why you want to choose poses that feel authentic and symbolize your love story.
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