If you want a snowy wedding in the middle of winter, you are not alone since many people are drawn to this season. Winter weddings are beautiful and whimsical, especially if you live in a scenic area.

Northern Nevada is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes, especially when winter has arrived in all its glory. If you enjoy the winter season and want to highlight its beauty during your nuptials, this location is great.

Keep reading to discover why Northern Nevada is perfect for winter weddings and how to keep your winter wedding running smoothly.

Why Have a Wedding in Northern Nevada

One of the most notable features of Northern Nevada during winter is the Sierra Nevada mountains. These snow-kissed peaks provide the perfect backdrop to a winter wedding that adds a touch of whimsy and classic romance.

Northern Nevada is an area that gets quite cold and icy during winter, turning it into a glittering wonderland. The snow and icicles are perfect if you want to have a wedding that feels enchanted and extra special.

Winter weddings are also slightly overlooked, making it the perfect time to take advantage of all the wind wedding venues and other available necessities. Picking a season when fewer people are getting married is a great way to relieve stress and make planning more enjoyable.

Top Tips For Snowy Weddings

Now that you know why Northern Nevada is the perfect location for snowy weddings, how do you plan the perfect winter wedding? Planning any wedding can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. After all, planning your wedding should be part of the overall experience!

With a little organization and a goal in mind, you can make this process much simpler and less stressful for everyone involved. Here are some examples of how you can do this so that every aspect of your winter wedding feels enchanted.

Choose a Single Venue

A top tip for any kind of wedding is to go with a single venue for the ceremony and reception. Many people are tempted to choose different venues for a more luxurious experience where you can decorate two locations. The reality is that this often adds unnecessary stress and a time constraint.

Winter weather also makes this a necessity since you do not want your guests to fight the winter weather twice in just a few hours. Depending on whether there is snow or ice, this could also create a risk of guests getting stuck somewhere or getting to the other venue late.

Many Northern Nevada venues offer on-site accommodations to make this process simpler. Having only one venue also reduces the time it takes to organize and decorate everything and helps you to stay organized.

Pick a Theme

Every wedding should have a theme that helps structure everything from the food to the outfits to the flower arrangements. Without a theme, you risk having many beautiful elements come together that end up looking out of place.

Snowy weddings provide an excellent opportunity to tap into many elegant wedding themes. Some brides choose a more icy and luxurious theme, while others may prefer a winter escape or a more rustic winter theme.

When choosing a theme, keep your wedding photos in mind since you want everything to be photogenic so that your photos feel authentic and natural.

Be Practical

Unlike warmer weddings during spring and summer, winter comes with more practical challenges. Winter weather is more extreme and will require additional measures to ensure everyone stays comfortable during the wedding.

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you must be especially mindful of this and choose a wedding gown that provides warmth and protection. You can do this with a beautiful muff, shawl, or elegant gloves that add to the beauty of the wedding.

You should also have accommodations for guests, such as blankets and umbrellas, and an area where they can put their outerwear.

Choose Seasonal Pieces

Most weddings have a seasonal touch if they are hosted during a specific season with intention. You may think that a winter wedding eliminates this option since you can’t necessarily have a bunch of flowers and other local elements. But the good news is that there are still plenty of options for winter weddings that feel authentic and add to your theme.

You can choose bouquets with winter-themed foliage like evergreens, olive branches, and eucalyptus leaves. Another great way to incorporate seasonal beauty into your wedding is to pull from the natural colors of the Northern Nevada landscape.

Winter in Northern Nevada is very silvery, with classic shades of white and dark green that will combine beautifully with your wedding photos.

Hire an Experienced Photographer

Speaking of your wedding photos, you want to make sure you hire a wedding photographer with experience shooting winter weddings. Every season is very different regarding lighting, weather, and saturation. A photographer with experience in the season will help you capture the best photos that truly commemorate your big day.

You can choose the right photographer by carefully looking at their wedding portfolio and asking questions about their past experience before hiring them. It is also essential to share your vision with your photographer well before your big day so that they know what you have envisioned.


Snowy weddings are underrated since they provide a beautiful background for any luxurious or whimsical wedding. This lovely option will allow you to truly enjoy the silvery landscape if you live in the Northern Nevada area.
If you want to have a whimsical winter wedding with photographs that truly capture the moment, contact us today at Blanca and Brandon. We have experience capturing magical weddings that highlight the couple’s love story.