Hands down one of the most frequently asked questions We get is “What is the secret to Magazine Worthy Wedding Photos!” Our couples and even fellow photographers ask us how We are able to capture swoon worthy, relaxed and effortless wedding photos!

And We completely understand why it is our most frequented question! Everyone wants and deserves to look and feel their best on their Wedding Day!

You want to know the secrets and We’ve got them!

Before We even get started let’s make one thing super clear!! (Real Talk here for a second!)

The truth is that your Wedding Photos should be enjoyable, fun and effortless! Read that again loves. Your photos should be FUN and another wonderful memory from your Wedding Day! Because if you are having fun, laughing and enjoying your photo being taken on your Wedding Day, you are already one step ahead of the game! We are going to provide you with some tips to make all of that possible!!

So let’s jump in! Three fool proof tips for AMAZING Wedding Photos!!


We are going to start with one of  the biggest pieces of advice first!

Tip #1:   SUNSET!!

Putting together Wedding Day Timelines can seem absolutely crazy! (We’re going to talk more about this in tip #2!) Your Wedding Coordinator and Photographer will help you plan out every event of your beautiful day and help you understand how much time to budget for certain photography groups and events! One of those events includes utilizing the beautiful sunset on your Wedding Day!

Most of your formal photos with Family, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen will take place immediately before and/or immediately after your Wedding Ceremony. Depending on when your Wedding Ceremony starts, that can mean that your formal photos take place anywhere in-between 12:00pm and 5:00pm! Your Wedding Photographer should be a pro and have no problem using the light to their advantage during those times! However… We have a little trick up our sleeve!

Our secret to absolutely stunning Wedding Photos? SUNSET! No matter when your ceremony start time is, using 20 minutes of the dreamiest, golden hour light will help give you those stunning Wedding Magazine Photos! The light before sunset is so soft and flattering that you will not regret taking a few minutes from reception to not only take photographs in this golden hour light but to be able to watch the sunset with your honey on your Wedding Day!

So 20 minutes! That’s all We need! Having done some of your Bride & Groom Portraits before hand, We will sneak you out of your reception for a mere 20 minutes while your guests continue to dance and enjoy themselves and We will bring you back before they even notice You were gone!


Tip #2:    Giving yourself enough TIME!

Timelines. Wedding Day Timelines are probably the least exciting thing to talk about! lol!

But just hear us out! Wedding Day Timelines can literally make or break a wedding day!

Allotting enough time on your wedding day for it to run smoothly will help avoid any unnecessary stress and ensure you and your besties having a #weddinggoals experience!

Here is what We mean! In a perfect world, Wedding Hair and Make up would take 60 minutes, getting zipped in your wedding gown and putting jewelry and shoes on would take 15 minutes and getting you and all your girls over to the venue would take 10 minutes. But life is crazy! And your Wedding Day is so exciting! You want and deserve to slowly and leisurely get ready, savor every single moment, sip on a mimosa and heck!! Maybe even have 5 minutes to sit down and cherish these special moments with your loved ones helping you get ready!!

Here is where the Pinterest Worthy photos come in!!

When you and your squad are relaxed because you have budgeted enough time, your photos will include smiles, laughter and document all of the truly beautiful events that are happening on your wedding day rather than rushing to get dressed and feeling like you are on a time constraint.

Fast forward to the formal photos on your wedding day! With everyone arriving on time to formal photos and the ceremony without feeling rushed, We will have plenty of time to get all of the family photos!  You want your loved ones to enjoy the exciting events of the day rather than the frustration of feeling like they were rushed through photos because the timeline was running 45 minutes behind!

So our 2nd biggest tip for beautiful wedding photos? Budgeting extra time within your Timeline to allow for you to breathe, enjoy, savor moments and most importantly allow for extra time if things get a little behind! 

(It is 100% ok and normal for this to happen! But ensuring that you have some wiggle room built into the timeline will make this a non issue!)


Tip #3:  Enjoy every moment!

Most of all, (and most importantly!!) The best way to get magazine worthy wedding photos is to enjoy every beautiful moment with your person as you are photographed! You will look and feel the most beautiful when you and your special someone are cherishing each other and being your happiest most authentic selves! That will shine through in all your photographs! Real emotion is how our images look effortless, beautiful and so joyous! Because it’s real!

The most important thing to remember on your Wedding Day is that this day is celebrating a very new and exciting chapter in your lives! Our job is to capture the emotions and memories from that day! Your only job is to savor ever single moment of this magical day!

So Tip #3 for Swoon Worthy Wedding Photos? Smiling, laughing and loving on your person so that We can capture the real, beautiful and authentic YOU!!!

There it is loves! Our Tip Three Wedding Photography Tips for amazing Wedding Photos!


Blanca & Brandon