Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and share information. But how do you want to incorporate social media at your wedding?

As you start planning your wedding, don’t forget to decide what part you want social media to play on your big day. Being prepared ahead of time allows you to communicate your desires to your guests before your wedding. 

Social Media Etiquette

There are stories of bridesmaids so excited to be a part of the wedding that they upload pictures of the bride onto social media before the ceremony has even begun. For some couples, this might not be a problem. But for others, this could be the last thing they wanted.

Sharing photos before the bride and groom can be a big NO regarding social media etiquette for a wedding, especially when a professional photographer has been hired. One way to avoid sharing photos too soon is to wait until the bride and groom have shared photos. This will give you the go-ahead that it’s okay to post. 

Unplugged Wedding

Why not ask your guests to refrain from taking photos and videos during the ceremony and reception? Nowadays, not allowing phones during a wedding is called an “unplugged wedding.” An unplugged wedding will help preserve the day’s magic and ensure that professional photographers and videographers capture all the special moments.

You can create wedding save-the-dates or invitations emphasizing your unique and unplugged wedding. Letting your guests know about your social media/photo desires will ensure they know what to expect when they arrive. 

You can even have your wedding officiant make a brief announcement about your photography/social media policy before the wedding ceremony begins. 

At your wedding, put up signs to remind guests that you’d like to keep your wedding private. This will help ensure that everyone has a great time and remains respectful of your wishes. 

If you decide that you would like to include social media at your wedding, you and your partner can create a fun, catchy wedding hashtag for guests to use. A hashtag will allow you to easily search social media for photographs/videos of your wedding. 


When choosing what to reveal about your wedding photos, there is no right or wrong answer, as each couple will have their preferences. For example, some couples might want to show off their friends and family’s wedding photos with a fun wedding hashtag, while others might prefer waiting for professional pictures.

B&B Photography

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