Looking to elope in Reno, Nevada? We have uncovered some amazing places to look into when deciding where to get hitched!

Places To Elope In Reno Nevada

Virginia City, Nevada

Step back into the wild west and have the time of your life eloping in Virginia City. With its unique victorian charm, this city will make any western or victorian themed elopement extra special.

Stroll the boardwalk alongside guys and gals dressed in traditional western outfits. You can capture some fantastic pictures, and while there, your photographer can use some of the amazing buildings still standing from the Gold Rush era as backdrops to your photos.

Lake Tahoe, Nevada, California

There aren’t many words that truly describe the beauty of Lake Tahoe. Between the endless trees, mountains, snowcapped mountains, and crystal clear water of the lake, the locations on where to elope seem endless themselves. 

If you decide to elope in the Lake Tahoe region, be sure to plan ahead. This is a popular vacation destination, and weddings occur throughout the year. As a result, many elopement locations require a reservation. But don’t let that stop you from choosing this area. 

Downtown, Reno, Nevada

Nevada has always been known for quick wedding ceremonies (AKA elopements). You and your partner can grab a marriage license and hop into one of the many wedding chapels in downtown Reno for a small, intimate wedding ceremony. Then, head out with your photographer to find some fabulous locations to take pictures.

Don’t miss the opportunity to snap a few photos in front of the Reno Arch with the historic “The Biggest Little City In The World” sparkling above you. Or take a walk along the beautiful Truckee River with many places to stop and pose for a few shots.

Mt. Rose, Nevada

If you are looking for an elopement set in the mountains, with all the winter feels, look no further than Mt. Rose, Nevada. Set over 8,000 feet high, overlooking the Washoe Valley, you won’t have to worry about finding beauty – as it is EVERYWHERE. 

Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe is a great place to plan your elopement. Check out the amazing views atop this popular ski destination. Or discover the beauty at Tannenbaum with its wonderful wooden beams, dramatic backdrops, and even a double-sided fireplace. 

Why Bring a Photographer To Your Elopement

Whether you are planning a large wedding ceremony or eloping to your favorite spot in the Reno, Nevada, area, you will want to capture the moments! While eloping can alleviate many costs of a larger wedding, you don’t want to skip out on pictures. They will last a lifetime.

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