Winter weddings are the perfect time to showcase beautiful centerpieces! Here are some of our favorite ideas for winter wedding centerpieces.

wedding centerpieces

Champagne Roses, Lambs Ear, and Eucalyptus Garland –

This simple but elegant look goes with almost everything. With the light-colored roses and beautiful greenery, your winter wedding centerpieces will make any reception come to life!

Rustic Log Candles

Nothing says winter better than rustic log candles lit up as centerpieces on your guest tables. These candles come in sets of 12, so you can group them as you see fit. Then, add fresh pine around them to really finish the winter look and bring the outside in.

Velvet White Trees

There is something incredibly beautiful about an all-white centerpiece. These white velvet trees look sleek and modern at the center of your reception tables. Add a few silver ornaments on each table or string some fairy lights around to give an extra dose of shimmer.

white branch centerpiece

Red Roses

Classic. Red roses are as classic as it gets for a wedding, and if you want a traditional winter go-to centerpiece, why not bundle roses in vases at different heights? This look will always steer you right. 

Glass Christmas Ornaments

For a Christmas-themed idea, take different textured gold glass ornaments and place them in glass vases and bowls. With these centerpieces, you can mix and match shades and textures. If the lighting is just right, you will have a sparkling centerpiece.

Cherry Blossoms and Peonies

Beautiful tall flowers in long, slim vases create a dramatic centerpiece that will have your guests talking. Use all-white flowers or hits of light pink in your arrangements.

White Tree Branches

For the ultimate winter wedding centerpiece, bring the outside in with white tree branches. This unique look is simple and elegant and allows you to add lights, crystals or keep them as is. 

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