Navigating 2020 Weddings


What a whirlwind! Am I right!?

For the last 4 years We have been writing “End of the Year” Blogs. A way for us to sum up our year & reflect on the beauty, joy and bliss that the year held.

And as We sat down to write this year’s blog, We felt compelled to really tell the stories of the couples and families that inspired us this year. Yes, this year was beautiful as always.

But this year was also filled with unique stories! Truthfully We have never been more inspired by a group of individuals in our entire life. And We felt like they deserved to be celebrated!

So let’s rewind back to March of 2020.

When the closures in Nevada and California happened, We were in shock to be totally honest. Within hours, our amazing couples started pouring in with emails and phone calls asking us what this meant. Looking to us for guidance.

We spent hours on the phone with couples who shed tears as their special day got postponed. We supported couples who decided to elope. We hopped on every Zoom call imaginable in the Wedding Industry to navigate the unknown waters. We educated ourselves. We mourned. We did everything We could to just be there for them. We pushed through what felt like the impossible. We were inspired by every single couple who made the decision to either postpone or continue with a Plan B Wedding this year. Because no matter their decision, they were, and We really want to emphasize this,


Perhaps one of the most inspiring things We watched happen over and over again this year was couples who ABOVE ALL ELSE, chose love.

Time and time again, they chose love.

No matter what form that took! Wedding. Elopement. MicroWedding. Zoom Wedding. Socially Distanced Wedding. Matching Masks Wedding. Backyard Wedding. Plan B Wedding. No matter what it looked like, the most important thing in the world to them was to marry their person.

Nothing, not even 2020, could change that.

These photos show the stories of couples and families who endured amongst other things, a Global Pandemic. Wildfires in both California and Lake Tahoe. Forest Closures. National Park Closures. Flight cancellations. Hotel Closures. And when things felt like they finally started to settle, about 4 weeks of smoke so thick, We could hardly see the mountains.

And they still made it happen.


And We think that is pretty dang remarkable.

So let’s look back on the beauty that this year gave us. Because if there was something that 2020 did not lack, it was some of the most anticipated and heartfelt moments We have ever witnessed!

This year, the details felt even more important to the story telling of the day. Some of these family heirlooms represented family members that couldn’t attend this year.

As usual, the smallest of moments made the biggest impact on these precious memories

The most stunning of Engagement Sessions took place as couples celebrated the beginning of this new journey towards Marriage!

Sessions filled with so much laughter and delight!

Every single one of these couples had a long and unique journey to their 2020 Wedding this year. Different than any other year! And they each said it was worth every second of unsteadiness to achieve it!

There was


Of course, these experiences wouldn’t be the same without all the fur babies!

There were so many times of celebration!

So many fist pumps!

So many



And of course, there was the most beautiful and touching of moments.

Moments of embrace and love. Moments so pure that We found ourselves getting misty eyed as We witnessed them

But, let’s also address the elephant in the room. This year did look different. There were many things that changed and looked different this year for weddings.

And our amazing couples made the required changes. Tables were spread out. Masks were worn. Hand Sanitizer was plentiful. Guest lists were shortened. And dozens of other very tough decisions were made.

But of all the things that changed, postponed and adjusted this year, there was one thing that wouldn’t be altered.


Love Wasn’t Cancelled.

And so…

They eloped!

And Wed!

They said YES!!!

They started the most exciting new journeys!

They welcomed little ones!

And looked amazing while doing it, We may add!!

They Graduated!

They celebrated!

They danced!

They laughed!

They made memories with their loved ones

Their beauty radiated from the inside, out!

The men looked incredibly suave through out the entire process, of course!

There was so much beauty that it is truly hard to put into words!

All that this year included, and we mean ALL of it, led us to a year filled with so many things. So many unique moments. Moments of stillness. Moments of gratefulness. Moments of bliss.

We feel like our clients taught us resilience this year.

But We were interested to see how others viewed this year as well. So We reached out on social media and asked our beautiful loves that follow us to describe their 2020 in one word. And it utterly blew us away. The amount of inspiring words that came forward was amazing.

“Describe 2020 in one word:”

Mental-buffness. Eye Opening. Challenging.

Life Altering. Endurable. Blessed. Enlightening. Life Changing.

Unique. A New Beginning. Hopeful. Humbling. Beautiful.

Family Centered. Illuminating. Healing. Resilient. Remarkable.

And so many others!

The word We chose for this year:



This year for us was filled with so much LOVE.

Thank you for allowing us to join in on this 2020 ride with you. When We look back through these images We are flooded with emotions. So many beautiful people and events surrounded our year. Our clients brought us laughter, happiness, gratefulness, and so much joy.

We are always humbled to share your most precious memories with you!

We can’t wait to see what 2021 brings us all!

Signing off for 2020!

Blanca, Brandon & Willow