So you are thinking of doing a Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding… Well you are in luck!!

We have got the knowledge and information to help you every step of the way!

Lake Tahoe is the home of Destination Weddings, Elopements and Engagements from not only all over the country but also the world! Couples, from all over, come to enjoy the beautiful scenery and ambiance that Lake Tahoe has to offer! Being Destination Wedding Photographers in the Lake Tahoe area, We get asked questions by couples all the time on the best spots in the Tahoe area to elope and get married!

And as two people born and raised in the area…We definitely know the most iconic and secret spots for you and your honey to tie the knot! Some couples are drawn to the lake and mountain views that Lake Tahoe has to offer while others are awestruck by the magnificent and towering pines that fill Tahoe’s forests.

Tahlia and Grayson, wanted to immerse themselves in the stunning tree lines and OH MY GOODNESS did Tahoe deliver! As the sun set behind the tree lines, the softest light fell on Tahlia an Grayson and made for the dreamiest photos! It was so peaceful and serene and the perfect setting for these two lovebirds.

Tahlia & Grayson’s family came from all over the country to witness them promise their lives to one another. Truly a destination wedding! And on an absolutely perfect afternoon in Tahoe overlooking the lake, Tahlia and Grayson exchanged the sweetest of vows as all of their friends and family beared witness!

Whether you are interested in Lake Tahoe Engagement Photography, eloping or looking to tie the knot on the lake, Tahoe has so much to offer! The soft sand beaches and incomparable sunsets will absolutely mesmerize you! But… We are totally biased!! Lol! You will have to check it out for yourself!

We feel so grateful to be Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding Photographers!!


Blanca & Brandon


Check out Tahlia & Grayson’s amazing Lake Tahoe Destination Wedding!