Bring on the New Decade!

Dear 2019,

Thank You! 

Thank You for ending our decade in the most humbling way possible. No year has ever been as giving and incredible as you. Looking back on this year, We were completely overwhelmed with the love that filled the last 365 days. With full hearts, memories and an enormous amount of gratitude, We are so ready to say Hello to a New Decade!

As We sat down to filter through which photos We wanted to include in this Blog, our first run through included 322 photos… Even We (as professional photographers haha!) decided that may be a few too many…

But it was so hard to narrow down the photos because there were truly that many  amazing moments. That many people, places, memories and events took place during this past year that blew us away.

In so many ways this year flew by, but as We look through these images, it almost seems impossible that all of these amazing moments fit into one single year. We remember every tear, laugh, vow, kiss, and special moment We were blessed to have been a part of.

So 2019, this is your Thank You Letter.



Dear 2019,

First off, and We can’t say this enough, Thank You for the Joy

Thank You for filling our year with this much bliss 

Thank you for the most beautiful details 

Thank you for the yummiest, dreamiest light!


For every single couple We met and bonded with 


For allowing us to witness the most incredible milestones


We celebrated some absolutely amazing Engagements

We shared so much laughter.

And not just any laughter, but the deep belly laughter that makes your cheeks sore from smiling so much

Thank you for those epic throw your fist in the air celebration moments



Those “Trust me, We got your back moments”

Those “sweep you off your feet” moments


Thank you for filling our souls with the most intimate and special moments shared between loved ones

These are the moments We will never forget

And of course, Let’s not forget the moments that make us feel most alive. Those Dancing. Laughing. Singing at the top of your lungs moments 

We are so grateful for the many adventures We went on

For meeting the sweetest families

We are so thankful for the gorgeous Winter Weather and the swoon worthy couples Who explored it with us

For meeting so many people who’s beauty shines both internally and externally 

We are so thankful every. single. moment.

So in conclusion… Dear 2019,

You were an insane ride. Not like, the cute little Roller Coaster on the Santa Monica Pier that I am pretty sure is safe to take a toddler on. A roller coaster so insane it requires two seatbelts, a helmet, and a signed permission slip from your parents. And It. Was. Incredible. Thank You. We can’t wait to see what this New Year and New Decade has in store!!


To every couple, family, and beautiful person that trusted us this year to capture your forever moments, THANK YOU. We adore you! And were so happy to be a small part of your 2019!! Thank you for being a huge part of ours!!!


Blanca & Brandon



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