Capturing the most beautiful and magical wedding photos for clients is a photographer’s dream. As a professional, you have probably already developed your go-to techniques and tricks in ensuring this. 

Light is a crucial aspect of any beautiful photograph or video, so you need to pay close attention to it. You should be asking yourself this question: “When is the best time for wedding photography?”

In this article, you will learn about the best times of the day to take your wedding photos and the factors that significantly affect them.

Golden Hour

The term “golden hour” is popular among photographers and videographers and refers to the 60 minutes before the sun sets. Because the sun is lower in the sky during this time, the intensity of its light is reduced and gives your photos a beautiful and soft, warm glow. 

Weather Conditions

In addition to light, the weather also plays a role in determining the best time for a wedding photoshoot. This is why it is also essential for you to regularly check local weather forecasts and find out if the day will be cloudy, rainy, sunny, and so on.

Unless your clients prefer a rainy theme for their wedding photos, it is best to schedule the shoot on a day when the clouds are least likely to let off rain or cast shadows. This ensures that you will have ample lighting.

Suppose the weather suddenly changes (and it definitely can) despite a different forecast. In that case, you must be quick to decide on possible rescheduling to give your clients the dream wedding photos they have always wanted. 

Suitable Locations

The location of a shoot affects the quality of wedding photos. Given this, the best time to shoot is when your chosen location catches the best light for a romantic setting. 

Make the most of your situation and bring along many creative ideas that fit your location, even if unfavorable conditions unexpectedly arise. For example, if the set location is a little shady, it is best to shoot around noon so you get the ample amount of light you need. And because of the shade, the harshness of the noon sun will be softened, and you can save time doing post-processing.

Before the shoot, it is best to scout the location thoroughly and check how the light hits all of the best photoshoot areas throughout the day. 


Finding the best time to take wedding photos also depends on the celebration theme and the wardrobe styles of the couple. Remember, the “golden hour” concept isn’t the only option out there and may not be the foremost preference of all soon-to-be newlyweds. 

Discussing these details with your clients and asking for their consent to do possible modifications are vital for the success of your wedding photoshoot. 


Ultimately, the best tip to help you capture the best wedding photos is planning and ironing out every aspect of the photoshoot. There can be delays and weather changes, but as long as you seamlessly guide your clients through these situations, everyone will be satisfied with the result. A wedding is a special occasion, and it may be up to you to make this extra memorable for the couple.

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