The pandemic has forced people to scale down on their events and celebrations, particularly on big occasions such as weddings. But the intimate wedding concept did not only happen the past two years. It has been a preferred wedding design by some couples wanting to truly enjoy every moment of their special day for many years now. 

If you are about to get married soon and are planning to have an intimate wedding, here are some guidelines that can help you ensure its success and make it extra sweet and romantic. 

How to Have a Successful Intimate Wedding

  • Go with a Small Set of Guests

There is no specific number for the number of guests, but try to keep the number manageable. Remember, this is a day for the couple, their family, and some important people, not your whole set of friends. 

Choose only the closest people to attend your intimate wedding. Inviting too many people may ruin the entire idea of intimacy. Check out your budget for the event and act depending on that. 

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Be Creative

Intimate weddings do not require flashy wedding attire. You do not have to spend so much on a gown that you will only wear once in your life. You can still be creative with your wedding dress, suit, and accessories to make them extra special for your big day. 

Consider wearing a simple wedding gown with a vintage headpiece or a flower crown. You can also go for all-white or pastel-colored wedding attires that you can easily style with accessories.

  • Have Small-Scale Wedding Decorations

Intimate weddings are not about showing off. You can tone down the wedding decorations and focus on making the event elegant and straightforward. Go with simple white linens and table settings if you can.

Intimate weddings do not require lavish and expensive wedding decorations, ensembles, and venues. They are best celebrated with simpler decorations and arrangements but with the best people.

  • Keep the Ceremony Short

The reception is the highlight of the event. Instead of opting for a big formal reception for intimate weddings, choose a small-scale reception. You can have a small garden reception or an indoor reception for a few hours. 

It is good to keep your intimate wedding ceremony short and sweet. Couples can go with a vow renewal ceremony to make their private wedding ceremony memorable. Your guests can also share some messages for you to treasure forever.

Make it fun, memorable, and simple.

  • Document the Wedding Well

Photos will preserve the memories of your intimate wedding event. If there is anything you should splurge on, it should be your wedding photography and other forms of documentation. Get high-quality images and videos of the event from a professional wedding photographer who knows how to capture the most important highlights of the night.

  • Cherish the Moments

An intimate wedding will require you to have one-on-one time with your spouse. You will have time to talk and laugh with each other. You should take advantage of this opportunity and cherish these moments. Just enjoy your intimate wedding and make your special day as magical as possible!


Last but not least, be determined to have the perfect intimate wedding. Keeping your wedding as intimate as possible is a challenge. It will take you a lot of sacrifices. However, when you make it and get the photos and videos of your intimate event, you will be able to relive the memory of your special day over and over again. Be sure to discuss your plans with your partner.

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