If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate your love, consider an adventure elopement. Adventure elopements can take place anywhere in the world and offer couples a truly unique wedding experience.

An adventure elopement takes a traditional elopement to the next level. Adventure elopements let couples say “I do” in far-flung destinations that are, you guessed it, an adventure to get to.

This destination could be close to home or across the world. When planning your adventure elopement, it’s important to consider the most beautiful location that you and your partner will love. 

Start by looking for a place where both of you will feel comfortable and happy. From there, work backward to ensure that it is possible to plan an elopement at this location. 

When it comes to natural beauty, there are no boundaries. Waterfalls, mountains, and glaciers can all be married in any location you please. There’s nothing like tying the knot next to a  breathtaking view.

As you start your wedding planning, there are a few important things to remember:

Should You Hire a Photographer for an Adventure Elopement? 

Create memories with your wedding photos that will last a lifetime. Choose an elopement photographer who understands your plans and vision, and make sure they are comfortable with it. They’ll capture every moment perfectly, just like you did on the day.

Hiring a photographer specializing in elopement photography can be incredibly helpful in capturing the unique and beautiful moments of your wedding. They should also be familiar with photographing the type of terrain you are going to elope. 

Is There a Legal Side to an Elopement?

To ensure a wonderful adventure wedding, make your arrangements in advance. Some locations require a permit or a fee (like national parks), so check in advance. 

Remember that you will still need a marriage license. If you are getting married in a different state or country, you need to know what will be required and the documentation you will need beforehand. Additionally, check to see if there is a waiting period after you get your marriage license. 

You should start planning your big day well before your elopement date. This way, you can keep costs low and avoid any last-minute surprises.

Important Reminders About Adventure Elopements

Be prepared for every weather change, whether a sudden shower or an intense thunderstorm. Plan ahead

d and ensure you have the appropriate gear to stay safe and comfortable.

Bring a supply of delicious fruits and snacks to help you stay energized throughout the day. In addition, it’s essential to bring plenty of water if you will hiking far away from your vehicle or a building. 

Consider wearing comfortable clothing and shoes if your location is difficult to reach. You can change into your wedding attire when you arrive at the destination. Your hair and makeup may not be up to par if you have to hike a long distance. Think about bringing a small mirror, brush, and any essentials to freshen up.


As you start planning your perfect wedding elopement in Reno, Tahoe, Nevada, contact B&B Photography. Our goal is to preserve memories. Every detail of your elopement deserves to be captured with care and love. We specialize in elopement and traditional wedding photography.