Weddings are a unique reflection of a couple’s traits. As such, no two are alike. Every wedding is unique, and while many couples focus on making the event special for guests, selecting a photography style is another way to showcase your wedding. And there are more options than you might expect. The following list showcases ten popular wedding photography styles

Traditional wedding photography

This style is what most people think of when discussing wedding photography. It’s a classic style that features many posed shots of the couple, their family, and other guests. It is a common wedding style; many couples are happy with this selection.

Photojournalistic style

The photojournalistic style approaches a wedding as a documentary. The true style can vary greatly from photographer to photographer, but it often features candid wedding photos that show authentic emotion. 

Aerial photography

Aerial photography is taken from an elevated point. Wedding photographers specializing in aerial photography may use ladders or drones to take photos from a viewpoint that can’t be obtained from the ground. Aerial photography is a different style, but it can result in some really cool wedding photos that are sure to be unique!

Dark and moody photography

Moody wedding photography usually features saturation of dark colors that emphasize the contrast between light and shadows to create a dramatic effect. It’s not a style that everyone will love, but it can be great for couples that appreciate the effects. 

Editorial wedding photography

This popular wedding photo style has high-quality backgrounds and interesting poses, similar to photos found in popular magazines.