Key Takeaways

Photo booth pose ideas:
  • For Couples: Romantic poses such as surprise kisses, heart shapes with hands, and blowing kisses.
  • For Friends: Fun group poses like sandwich poses, model stances, and flexing.
  • With Props: Incorporating wedding-themed props like bouquets and bubbles for creative photos.
  • Solo Poses: Individual poses showcasing outfits or dance moves, adding a personal touch.
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A photo booth rental is a great way to ensure your guests have a blast and will always remember your wedding. As a bonus, a photo booth can give participants a personal keepsake to remind them of your special day. 

Wedding booths can be as fun as you make them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to remember some key photo booth poses that are great for a wedding. 

Wedding booth poses fall under a few classifications: 

For couples or the bride/groom

There is no better place to take a loving photo than a wedding. Couples’ poses could include a surprise kiss, a romantic kiss, winking, using the couple’s hands to create a heart, and blowing kisses. Whether it’s the bride and groom participating or any couple from the wedding, these poses are very popular because they result in great photos! And they are a chance to show love for one another. 


Even if you aren’t part of a couple, you can have a lot of fun with wedding booth poses. For example, pulling in a few friends can result in a sandwich pose, with two people kissing the cheeks of a middle person. Alternatively, several ladies may want to pose like models, while a group of male friends could flex. In any event, these poses are fun and facial expressions are the key to keeping the atmosphere light and cheerful.   

Photos using photo booth props

Including photo booth props is a wonderful way to incorporate the themes and colors of your wedding subtly. Wedding booth props can consist of bouquets, flowers, centerpieces, bubbles, or anything else that makes sense for your wedding. And you might be surprised at the ideas your guests come up with when using props. It’s a great way to let them have fun in their own unique way – and it will stay ‘on theme’ for the event!

Solo poses

While group poses are great, guests may want a few pictures alone. After all, weddings are one of the few events where you can get dressed to the nines! Solo poses may include sexy ones or funny ones. And many people will catch dance moves in solo shots, which can be especially fun with the right backdrop. There are no limits to what you can do when you think creatively. 

Photo bomb

Photo bombing isn’t always intentional, but sometimes it is with photo booths. And while you might be surprised at the moment, these pictures often make people smile when looking at them later. If the photo bomber uses props like silly glasses or a mustache, the photo can be even funnier. 

The perfect photo booth poses are the ones that make your guests happy. While this list includes some ideas, you may be surprised at how creative participants become once they enter the booth. Facial expressions may range from funny to serious. But no matter how you pose, these fun photos are a great way to remember your special day – and they are often treasured long after the wedding.