Congratulations on your engagement, and welcome to planning your wedding. Nothing will impact the “big day” as much as the venue. In this post, we’re going to look at some of the fantastic Lake Tahoe wedding venues to choose from. 

Secondly, if you are not sure where to start, this is a great place. We always tell our couples that one of the most complex parts of the wedding planning process is choosing the wedding venue. Once you have selected a venue and set a date, the rest falls into place naturally. All you have to do is check one item off your to-do list at a time.

But that initial and overwhelming decision of “where” to get married can feel daunting.  

And with the amount of beautiful Lake Tahoe venues in our area, it doesn’t necessarily make it that much easier! 

There are many must-see Lake Tahoe wedding venues sprinkled throughout the area. The most important thing is finding a wedding venue that reflects your wedding day’s ambiance and vision We hope that this list helps you along your wedding planning journey. 

One of our favorite things about Lake Tahoe is that it feels like home. It doesn’t matter if you are local to the area or planning a destination wedding. Every time we catch a glimpse of the Sierra Nevada Mountains or the crystal clear Tahoe water, we are reminded how stunning this area is. Almost fairytale-like! 

And these Lake Tahoe wedding venues are no exception. Get ready to be stunned at the beauty of these venues. Not only are they beautiful, but your experience with the venue coordinators and staff will be unmatched. The list of venues we have compiled for you each showcases different iconic landscapes of Lake Tahoe. So let’s dive in!

South Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Heavenly Resort

Heavenly Lake Tahoe Resort is… well… HEAVENLY! Heavenly is one of the premier South Lake Tahoe wedding venues on our list.

This South Lake Tahoe venue (located 7200 feet above sea level, we may add) is one of our area’s gems! Heavenly Resort offers one of our area’s unique experiences; a one of a kind aerial view of Lake Tahoe.

If you are a lover of views that will take your breath away, this venue may be the perfect spot for your wedding ceremony. Guests will ride the smooth gondola up to the venue, where they will be greeted with an even more breathtaking view than they had witnessed as they climbed up. Being Tahoe natives, We have seen our fair share of spectacular sunsets. But the sunsets on top of Heavenly Mountain may be some of our favorites ever.


Last but not least is the beautiful Valhalla. This precious gem is located in South Lake Tahoe and is the perfect location for weddings. This historic property has so much personality. You’ll be able to make the vision of your special day come to life with ceremony options and its diverse and lush landscape. We have found that this property, in our opinion, feels the most woodsy and whimsical. Get ready to be whisked away by the magic this setting holds.

Truly one of the unique properties in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Plus, the fees of your rental help preserve this historical property for years to come.

Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Other Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe

Located in Incline Village, Nevada, the Hyatt Regency is home to a beautiful property ground. The Hyatt Lake Tahoe is a property that you must see with your own eyes to understand the whimsical feel fully

With individual cabins that are just a short walking distance to the beach and overlook the water from their balcony, this venue will allow you to feel like you are in a private Airbnb Property rather than a hotel.

Perhaps one of our favorite characteristics of this wedding venue is the diversity that the property holds! We have photographed couples in lush green beauty and the stunning beach setting, all within a 5-minute walk from one another! This venue can host a fully outdoor wedding (ceremony and reception) or an outdoor ceremony followed by a reception hall after the party! This Lake Tahoe resort allows you to experience the variety that Lake Tahoe holds entirely!

Wedding Venues South Lake Tahoe

Chateau at Incline Village

The Chateau at Incline Village will give you the perfect marriage of towering pine trees and the traditional reception you are looking for. With just the right balance of outdoors and elegance, this venue is perfect for the couple looking to experience a Lake Tahoe Wedding. Starting your day with a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and transitioning to their gorgeous banquet hall will allow your guests to enjoy the freedom of dancing indoors as well as treat themselves to the crisp summer air outdoors on the terrace. A bonus of this property is the golf course located on the property. Have the men in your family or wedding party ever dreamt of golfing in Lake Tahoe? This venue allows for just that! And what better way to start your wedding day than with a round of golf.

South Lake Tahoe Wedding Venues

WestShore Café

Our only recommended Lake Tahoe wedding venue on the west shore is West Shore Café. This venue is located on the water, which makes it unique on our list. And we mean, on the water.  This venue is one of our California wedding venues, and its private pier is sure to make your event memorable. The views of this northern California venue are some of the most stunning in our area.

Depending on your guest count and the plans that you and your wedding coordinator will make, West Shore Café can host first dances, ceremonies, and even a sit-down dining experience on their private pier. Does it get more epic than your wedding reception taking place on a dock over the water?

West Shore is truly a venue that you must experience with your own eyes. As far as beachfront wedding venues go, this one is hard to beat.  

We hope that this blog gave a little insight into the incredible venues that our area holds.

The truth is that seeing these venues with your own eyes will help you better understand what it might feel like to celebrate your big wedding day there. Contact the venues to set up a site tour and start planning the best day of your life!

While selecting your Lake Tahoe wedding venue, you may also want to get some engagement pictures taken. We’re your best choice for a Lake Tahoe Engagement Photographer. Give us a call.