If your heart has ever yearned for a less traditional Wedding, We want to be the first people to tell you to “go for it!” Perhaps… you’ve been daydreaming of a Lake Tahoe Elopement!

If you are staring into the endless abyss of Pinterest Boards, color palettes, and Instagram Inspo, and find yourself lost, your answer may be simple: ELOPE!!!

*Pause* that word sounds scarier than it is. Promise!! We will touch on that again in just a moment! – 

Now don’t get me wrong – 

Every single detail that goes into planning your wedding day is beautiful and important! Your special day deserves to look exactly how you have always dreamed it would! So if you have always dreamed of a large wedding reception with tons of florals and a dance party until midnight, that is exactly what you should do! Truth be told, that is what Brandon and I did! And We loved EVERY SINGLE SECOND of our large wedding day! If We could relive that day forever, We would! 

However, large wedding receptions are not for every couple. For some, the traditional large-scale wedding can feel overwhelming and ingenuine.

And if you feel that way, We want to encourage you to look into other options! Because in case you weren’t sure, there are other options! Not every wedding is the same because not every couple is the same! 

If you focus on the people and things that are the MUST-HAVES, (you know! The people and things that are irreplaceable on your wedding day!!), the picture of what your wedding day should look like will become clearer!

Eloping used to mean sprinting away at 70 mph down a highway to Las Vegas to tie the knot – again, absolutely nothing wrong with that!  

However, the experience of eloping over the last few years has evolved into more than chapel weddings! The good news is this leaves you with more options! 

Today, eloping can mean grabbing your “must-have” family members and closest friends, renting an Airbnb in beautiful Lake Tahoe, reciting your vows overlooking one of the most beautiful views you will ever see in your life, and celebrating with a privately catered reception event. And that is exactly what Chantal and Nick did. 

And guess what

It. Was. Perfection. 

We hope these images give you inspiration for how an “elopement” can be as relaxed or detail-oriented as you want it to be. We stayed with Chantal and Nick throughout their day as they got ready, shared private moments with their family, exchanged vows, and even danced for the first time as husband and wife!

Your Wedding Day is YOUR wedding day. 

And it should reflect you who are and the love you share! 

We are always here to help you every step of the way!

Let us know if you need a helping hand! Whether it’s help planning a Lake Tahoe Elopement or an elopement anywhere else in the beautiful world! The sky is the limit!

All our love


Blanca & Brandon 

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