Planning a wedding is an exciting time for couples. However, it can be challenging to decide on the perfect wedding venue. Here are some tips for choosing your dream location.

One of the first things you must decide when looking at a venue is if you plan on having two separate locations for the wedding ceremony and the reception. Some couples host the ceremony and reception at the same venue, while others plan for different venues such as churches or wedding chapels.

Getting started early also allows you to view numerous venues, giving you a better sense of what you are looking for and what is important to you. When focusing on how to choose the perfect wedding venue, there are several things to take into consideration, such as:

  • the venue’s size
  • location
  • parking availability
  • bathroom options
  • hotels nearby for out-of-town guests

Remember Your Budget

There is a massive difference in cost and planning effort between a small wedding party and a grand big bash, so make sure you know your numbers as soon as possible! Think about how much you plan to spend for the entire wedding and decide how much of that total cost you want to use on the wedding venue. 

When you narrow down the wedding venues you like, find out precisely what is included in the cost. For example, some venues will require you to purchase food from their vendors/location, while others may allow you to bring in catering. 

The more flexible you can be, the more options will be available. If you don’t mind having a wedding in the “off-season,” you may save money. A general rule is most venues can book out a year in advance. 

Size Matters

Knowing how many guests you will invite before looking at venues will save you from headaches and heartache. Couples often underestimate how many people they will invite (or how many their parents will want to add), so have that conversation early to know what you’re really working with.

Each venue will have a different floor plan setup. For example, some locations will have a separate room for the ceremony and the reception, while some may utilize the same space. These are essential factors for planning the flow of your wedding and what guests will do when the staff is changing over the room.

You may want a separate place for a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception while you and your wedding party take pictures. Again, you will need to ask about this space at the venues you look into.

When you feel that you have a few wedding venues that are the right size, location, and distance, visit them. It is an important step in making a final decision and will provide you and your partner the confidence to see the location with your own eyes. 

Mind The Restrictions

You would not want to book a venue with a music policy that did not align with the band you had your heart set on. As for the special cocktail you were planning, it would not be possible if the venue was limited to wine, champagne, and beer only. What if you wanted to include your dog in the wedding ceremony, but the venue had a no pet policy? 

Each venue should have a contract readily available for you to view before booking. Be sure to ask specific questions and read through the contract before signing. 

Stay True to Yourselves

You want to choose the perfect wedding venue for you and your partner! It is important to ask yourselves what feels authentic to you two as a couple and to select a space with a theme that represents who you are. 

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