Alright, all Our Brides and Grooms to be out there… this one is for you!!


You’ve set your date, Chosen a venue, Spoken with a Wedding Planner and Now…

Drum Roll Please….

It is time to start choosing your Wedding Day Vendors! And your Wedding Photographers will be one of the first Vendors that you meet with! So We are here to help you have an idea of what to look for to find the perfect wedding Photographers for your special day!

We are here to ease your mind because (Hellooooo Wedding Planning is #stressful am I right!?) You have a “To-Do” List a mile long and on top of that To-Do List, you are facing a mountain of questions that need to be answered! What is a First Look and should  You do one? What are the benefits of two photographers at your Wedding? Do I want photos of myself getting ready? How the heck do I even choose the right Wedding Photographer?!

Guys… We’ve got you. These are great questions and We are here to assist you in Choosing the Best Photographer for You and Your Fiance by providing you with a 4 step process to help navigate finding the perfect Photographer for you!
choosing a wedding photographer
Believe it or not, the best way to answer a lot of the questions you may be asking yourself is by asking one additional question and that is:
“What is important to YOU in a Wedding Photographer?”  
To be clear, We don’t mean what is important on Instagram. And We are not talking about what all of your friends thought was important on their Wedding Day (even though We love our girls and their input will definitely be helpful in the Wedding Planning Process!!)
We want you to ask yourself what is important to YOU and your significant other regarding a Wedding Photographer on your Wedding Day.
So let’s dive in!
You have found a Photographer you are interested in! Awesome!
First question to ask yourself:

1) Do I love this Style of Photography?

Photography is an art form. So first and foremost when You are searching through Wedding Photographer’s look at their style of Photography and ask yourself
  • Do I love this style of Photography?
  • Do I like the ambiance that natural light photography makes me feel?
  • Are wedding photographs like these what I imagine in Wedding Album?
  • Do I want Wedding images similar to these hung on the walls in my home?
  • Most importantly, is this what I want my Wedding Photos to look like 40 years from now when my first Grandchild sits on my lap and flips through these photos with me?
If the answer is Yes, Woohoo!!!
It is important to find a photographer whose work speaks to you!
Ladies and Gentlemen go ahead and give yourselves a huge pat on the back (if you’re like me.. a sip of wine will work just fine!!) because You are a fourth of the way there!
your wedding is a big day

2) Do I love and trust this Photographer/Photographers?

Alright this is a big one. Brandon and I are huge on the word trust. To us, trust is everything. When We hire a professional to do work for us, We hire them because We believe that their services are going to exceed our expectations because We have confidence in their work.
For all my ladies out there I want you to imagine  the feeling of getting your hair colored and cut. If you’re anything like me You have been going to the same Hair Stylist for like… EVER because you have found someone who you trust enough to color and style your hair in the same way everytime. Now imagine the feeling of having to find a new Hair Stylist…
Complete and total PANIC!!
Am I right?!
Yes girl, SAME.
The reason for the freak out is because now you need to build trust all over again with someone new. It is the same idea with a Wedding Photographer!
So when You are searching for your Wedding Photographer ask yourself…
  • Is their work consistent?”
  • When you chat with them, read their blogs, see their Instagram Posts, Say to Yourself “Do I have confidence in them?
  • Am I certain that they are experienced enough?
  • Do I believe that they are truly passionate about what they do?
  • Do I trust them to capture my once in a lifetime moments?”
  • Most importantly “Do I trust them?”
This is one you will have to do figure out yourself! The best way to get to know someone is to meet them in person! Make sure you feel confident in them as well as their work!
good photographers will capture the moment

3) What does a Full Wedding Gallery from this Photographer look like?

This is a huge one Brides and Grooms out there!
So many times We find that couples only see images that Photographers post on their Instagram rather than an entire Wedding Day Gallery.
Yes. We all want our Instagram worthy Bride & Groom Photos!!
         We totally get it!
But a Wedding Day has dozens of incredibly important moments that include so much more than your Bride & Groom Photos. Do yourself a favor and ask to see an entire Gallery from a Wedding Photographer before hiring them. You heard me, start to finish. Details, Preceremony, Ceremony, Formal Photos and all the way through Reception!
Think of your day from start to finish in terms of images you might want.
  • Photos of your Mom fastening the necklace she wore on her Wedding Day around your neck
  • The formal family photo going in the middle of your grandparents wall that will hang there for years to come
  • The Reception photos of your Sister catching the Bouquet, dancing with your Dad, and laughing hysterically as your Uncle does his signature “dance move!”
Remember that every moment on your Wedding Day is a once in a lifetime moment! Find someone who can capture all of them!!!
wedding photographers
And last but not least, We want you to ask yourself:

4) Can I envision this Photographer/Photographers by my side on my Wedding Day?

This is the last one loves. And possibly the most important. This is for every wedding vendor you hire, not just your photographer. Your Wedding Day happens once. Hundreds of days of planning lead up to just a few mere hours. And every single vendor that participates in your Wedding Day has a hand in crafting together your perfect wedding day.
So this is a big one. Ask yourself:
  • Do you see this Photographer with you through those Milestone moments you will experience on your Wedding Day?
  • Do you feel comfortable enough with them to photograph a more intimate moment like the Zipping of your Gown?
  • Most importantly, do they make you feel at ease, relaxed and confident to have your photos taken by them?
The truth is, no one will be able to know if a Photographer is the perfect choice for you,
 except YOU!
These questions can help guide you in that process, but if you still aren’t sure, meet your possible Photographer for coffee! Or even a Video call! They would love to get to know you just as much as you would like to know more about them!
As always loves, if you need anything, have any questions, or requests for future blog posts please email us!
We love hearing from you!
Best of luck with your Wedding Planning!
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Blanca & Brandon
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