Getting engaged to the love of your life is such a joyous time. With all of the planning and preparation that goes into planning for a wedding, some couples may forget to stop and document the precious time they are engaged.  Consider arranging a photoshoot to capture your engagement. 

If your engagement happens to be in the season of spring, that’s even better! There is so much newness and beauty in the spring, why not take full advantage of the season!

Just in case planning gets overwhelming, here’s an outline of everything you need to think about with spring engagement photos:

What Clothes to Wear

The weather is warming up, so you’re probably not going to be wearing long-sleeved shirts and jackets anymore. Still, allow yourself plenty of options. Dress in any type of clothing that your hearts desire. Wear themed outfits, or just go for simplicity.

And of course, you want the clothes you own to be a reflection of the person you are. You may wear something from the color wheel of spring and look fabulous. Consider keeping your hair free and wild, as well as wearing a flower crown and bloom-colored shoes to match.

What Colors to Use

Speaking of color, it’s best to think about what color you’re going to go with. Pastel pinks are beautiful in the spring. You may choose to try other hues that are trending during this wonderful season. 

For instance, choose to add pastels to your makeup look to make everything pop or go with a neutral and natural makeup look. If you need inspiration, ask your photographer for some advice or turn to social media to get some photos, concepts, and color palettes to spark a few ideas.

What Flowers to Have

Popping out of a flower bouquet is such a nice idea for a photo. One thing to think about is having a basket with a bouquet of flowers as your own prop, especially if you’re going to be setting foot outdoors.

There are no wrong or right flowers to pick. However, do keep in mind that you want something that will compliment your outfits. You shouldn’t have something that’s too vibrant or too loud, as it might steal the show in the picture.

What Venues to Go to

It’s springtime! That means it’s the perfect time to get outside! You may want a garden, while you may wish to have your engagement shoot in a park. Try to figure out and narrow your options.

Try to pick a place with many things to offer. It might be good to start by going to a location that has a garden, flower field, or even a simple park. Your photographer will know about beautiful spring locations to shoot photos at.

What Considerations to Make

The weather in spring is still unpredictable, so it’s best to simply be prepared for whatever may come your way. Check forecasts and avoid such hurdles, as you might need to reschedule due to rain or a “second winter.”

Plus, if you’re trying to plan a photoshoot in spring, think of the time and schedule. Some couples want to shoot a half-hour before sunset, as you can capture the right light and have that natural glow that makes your photos beautiful.


When everything comes together, you’ll remember the joy and happiness you felt with your loved one amid the engagement. Also, you’ll want to recall this time in your life as one that’s filled with hope and dreams that are all coming true. Spring engagement photos are beautiful and worth the time to invest in.

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