Getting married and preparing for your wedding day can be one of the busiest times in your life. So we have devised a list of 8 crucial wedding details to keep in mind (and tackle) as you prepare for your big day.

1) The Wedding Timeline

Even if you’re planning for a simple wedding, have the knowledge and details of the schedule. 

Your timeline should list specific activities like a rehearsal, pre-wedding functions, other preparations, the ceremony, reception, and your post-wedding celebrations. Having the details of each event prepared beforehand will keep everything organized and everyone on schedule.

2) The Wedding Planner

From finding the suitable venue and managing the budget to handling the necessary paperwork for the requirements of your legal documents alongside other minor details, there are plenty of tasks that need to be tracked down in your wedding. 

Be sure to have an organized planner who can handle everything to a tee. If hiring a wedding planner isn’t in your budget, look to your friends and family. You may know someone who would love to play “wedding planner” and help you manage all details.

3) The Attire at the Wedding

It’s nice to know what clothes you’re going to wear from day to day, but it’s much more significant for your wedding day. 

Keep in mind that some bridal stores require advance bookings for fittings. You also want to decide what your bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing. Be sure to give them plenty of time to budget and purchase their attire.  

Your list should also include deciding what the guest’s attire should be.

4) The Vendors and Services

It’s best to speak with and prepare everyone who has something to do with your wedding. This includes the professionals with services that are paramount to your special day. 

Schedule separate meetings with your venue coordinator, caterer, florist, photographer, videographer, makeup artist, and host. Be sure to bring your timeline, expectations, and specific desires to these meetings.

Remember that these professionals want to make your wedding perfect. But, unfortunately, they can’t do that unless you share what you envision your day looking like.

5) Wedding Photos

Although we did mention the photographer in the previous point, it’s important to emphasize the importance of attaining the wedding photos after the big day as your keepsakes of the celebration. 

A photographer is one of the most important people at your wedding ceremony. They will be capturing every moment and emotion of your special day. 

Hiring a company that has the experience and who will give you precisely what you want for your wedding day is of the utmost importance.

6) Wedding Rings

Before the wedding date, be sure to purchase, resize (if necessary), and speak to the people who will hold your rings during the ceremony. 

7) Emergency Kit

Prepare a wedding emergency kit and plan. This is just a precautionary measure, but list down and bring items such as pain killers, hair ties, stain removers, band-aids, and whatever else you think might be useful on your big day. 

You never know what encounters you may go through, so it’s best to be prepared.

8) Travel Bag Essentials

If you are traveling to your wedding venue, you’ll need to have your travel bag essentials on your list. Packing is also a smart move if you need to spend the night at the same place or go straight to your honeymoon destination. 

Add a change of clothes, toiletries, and other must-haves. And don’t forget your passport if you are leaving the country!


Making a checklist with these wedding details is an effective way to remember important “to-do’s” without missing a beat. You will ensure that your big day is as spectacular as you’ve always imagined it.

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