Key Takeaways

Pre-wedding consultations with your photographer offer:
  • Provides More Detail: They allow both you and the photographer to gather crucial information about each other’s styles and expectations.
  • Creates Realistic Expectations: They help align your wedding photo vision with practical outcomes and create actionable plans.
  • Establishes Face-to-Face Contact: They enable a personal connection, ensuring smoother communication and better collaboration.
  • Personalizes the Approach: They ensure your wedding photos reflect your unique love story and significant details.
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A huge part of any wedding is the wedding photos since these commemorate the big day. Because of this, it is imperative that you have pre-wedding consultations with your photographer long before the photo shoot takes place. Consultations are when you and your wedding photographer meet face-to-face to discuss the details of your wedding photos.

Keep reading to find out why these pre-wedding consultations are necessary and what you can expect to happen during a consultation.

Provides More Detail

Pre-wedding consultations with your photographer create the perfect time to gather more information. This applies to you and your photographer, especially in the beginning stages when you are just getting to know each other.

You can learn more about your photographer and the style of photos they are most familiar with. This is also a good time to ask any questions you have so that you can communicate transparently about what you want. Beginning consultations are also a great time for your wedding photographer to get to know you and your significant other a bit better. You can explain your goals for the photos and what is most important about the finished result. The more your photographer knows about you, the more likely they are to connect with your vision.

Consultations Create Realistic Expectations

Something that can be difficult when it comes to your wedding photos is having realistic expectations. Many brides have been dreaming of this day for years and have a specific vision in their minds. It is crucial to ensure your vision lines up with reality by discussing the details you want with your wedding photographer.

During your consultation, you should discuss the types of wedding photos you want and how they should look. Your photographer can help you understand the pros and cons and any potential results you should prepare for. They can also add their input to help you create a more realistic and actionable plan that works for both of you.

Creates Face-to-face Contact

Depending on your chosen wedding photographer, you may not have met them face-to-face during the initial hiring stages. This is not necessarily bad since so much communication is now available online, making it easier to meet local photographers. But it is still important to meet the photographer face to face when discussing the more nitty-gritty plans for your wedding photos.

Pre-wedding consultations with your photographer allow you to get to know them better and discover their personality. The reality is that you want to find a photographer who you get along with since you will be working closely with them over a long period of time. This also makes open communication easier and removes any awkwardness you may have initially felt. Planning your wedding photos in person with your photographer makes it easier to point out important details and review reference materials.

Personalizes the Approach

It is incredibly important that your wedding photos reflect your love story and connection. After all, these are the details that ultimately make wedding photos stand out and feel more personalized. 

During your consultations, you should explain any essential details you want to stand out in the wedding photos. For example, the colors for your wedding may symbolize something important, and you want these colors to be one of the main features. Or you may be having your wedding at a significant location, and you want the backdrop to represent this.

No matter what your goals are for your wedding photos, your photographer is there to help you achieve these goals. That is why it is important to communicate openly and ensure they understand what matters to you the most.

What Happens During Pre-Wedding Consultations With Your Photographer?

When searching for a wedding photographer, you may have multiple consultations before settling on the right option. Most wedding photographers like to book a consultation after you have contacted them about your photos. This initial consultation is usually brief and includes a vague idea of what you are looking for to see if you and the photographer are a good match. If you like the photographer and choose to hire them, there will be several other consultations depending on the length of time between now and your wedding and the details you need to discuss.

Consultations are planning sessions that you have with your wedding photographer, allowing the two of you to discuss how the photos will look. As a client, it is your responsibility to communicate what you want as clearly as possible so that your photographer understands your vision.

Consultation Details

After the first consultation with your wedding photographer, the two of you will start to discuss the more specific details of your photos. This will include things like the pricing and plans, photography style, location, and what you want to stand out in your photos.

The more details you can discuss with your wedding photographer, the better. Providing them with a clear vision of what you want will help the process to go smoother and reduce the risk of any mistakes occurring along the way. This is also very important since there is usually a short window of time when you can have your wedding photos done, and you want to make the most of it.


When you hire a wedding photographer, pre-wedding consultations with your photographer are necessary. These are meetings where you discuss the details of your wedding photos so that your photographer understands your vision and goals. This will help the process to go smoothly and give you peace of mind, knowing that your photographer understands what is most important to you.
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