Key Takeaways

Northern Nevada wedding photos:
  • Bold Combinations: Pairing delicate wedding elements with rugged Nevada landscapes creates striking visuals.
  • Color Accents: Adding deep, vibrant colors to natural desert backdrops enhances the overall aesthetic.
  • Local Beauty: Incorporating local flora and natural elements into wedding decor ensures authentic and harmonious photos.
  • Varied Shots: Using a mix of close-ups, portraits, and flat-lay shots captures diverse aspects of wedding details.
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If you are having your wedding in Nevada, you may be thinking about your northern Nevada wedding photos. This is a beautiful place to have your photos taken, whether this is for a photo shoot or pictures taken at the wedding venue.

Northern Nevada has rugged and desert-like landscapes that fit perfectly into wedding photos. But you need to know how to showcase specific details of your pictures so they can really pop.

Keep reading to find out how to highlight things like accessories and wedding decor through your photos.

Go For Bold Combinations

There are so many options when it comes to wedding photos that it is easy to become overwhelmed. One of the best ways to highlight the beauty of Nevada is to go for bold combinations in your wedding photos. For example, you can highlight the lace detail on your veil or wedding dress in combination with the bold and rugged background of the Sierra mountains. These features are very different but combine beautifully to create eye-catching and memorable photos.

Don’t be afraid to play around with other combinations, like feminine floral arrangements or delicate jewelry against the rugged backdrop.

Don’t be Afraid to Make Colors Pop

Northern Nevada has many beautiful aspects about it that create stand-out wedding photos. Depending on the photo location, the background may be more desert-like with hues of brown and beige or have a variety of green shades. No matter the backdrop you are working with, don’t be afraid to add some color.

Deep colors go beautifully with the desert colors of northern Nevada, including colors like burgundy, emerald, and dusty pink. You can make these colors pop through your bridesmaid’s dresses, bouquets, table arrangements, or accessories.

Choose Elegant Jewelry

Most areas of Northern Nevada are quite rugged and have a wild appearance about them. This can work well with wedding photos if you want to create a bold combination that immediately makes specific details pop. This can be done by highlighting elegant and dainty jewelry pieces against the Nevada mountains. Instead of going for bold or statement pieces, try focusing on smaller pieces of metal jewelry that bring softness to the landscape. Shades of gold and silver are perfect for this, as well as rose gold to add a warmer hue.

Focus on Local Beauty

No matter where you’re having your wedding photos done, it is always a good idea to focus on some local features. Northern Nevada is home to various plant life, giving you plenty of opportunity to include local beauty into your wedding.

You can do this by using floral arrangements that feature plants local to Northern Nevada. Not only does this make the wedding photos feel more authentic, but the bouquets are guaranteed to pair beautifully with the landscape.

You can also experiment with other aspects of your wedding decor, like the colors you choose and the table layouts you create. Focusing on the local beauty of your venue is an excellent way of capturing cohesive and memorable photos.

Create the Right Backdrops

When you are taking wedding photos, you want to focus on the entirety of the photos. Make sure you are putting some time and effort into creating suitable backdrops for all of your photos. Ideally, you should have several settings to create variety.

A good system to use is to have some organic photos where the photos are taken with only natural landscapes as the backdrop. Then, you can take more tailored photos with your wedding decor in the background or certain accessories as the focal point.

Go For a Variety of Shots

The variety of shots you can use gives you so much freedom regarding wedding photos. Because of this, it is always best to focus on different kinds of shots that showcase various aspects of your wedding decor, accessories, and background.

You can achieve this through close-ups, portraits, and photos that capture specific wedding details. An excellent example of this is flat-lay shots, where the photo is designed and laid out to capture the little details of your wedding. You can do this to showcase the earthy colors of northern Nevada with intricate details like your veil, jewelry, or wedding colors.

Planning For Northern Nevada Wedding Photos

The most important part of your Northern Nevada wedding photos is planning out what you want for the finished result. To do this, you should already know where the wedding photos will take place and what the landscape will look like at the time of the pictures.

Make sure you discuss your goals with your wedding photographer and go with them to the site of the photos to get some ideas. The more planning you can put into your wedding photos, the more likely you will be happy with the finished results!


Northern Nevada wedding photos have a unique, rugged, and natural appearance that creates stunning photos that stand out. You can highlight the beauty of the Nevada landscape  while also adding a personal touch through delicate accessories, metal jewelry, and by focusing on local plants and colors. 
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