There are many aspects of a wedding brides have to consider if they have specific goals in mind. One crucial element of every wedding is creating stunning bridal portraits to commemorate your big day. This can be harder said than done since so many details make up high-quality portraits.

In this article, we will discuss what you need to create whimsical and breathtaking bridal portraits and why they are essential.

Choose the Right Poses

For stunning bridal portraits, there are a few classic poses every bride should do. The type of poses you use will depend on your wedding style and what will compliment you the most. Some women prefer to stand in their bridal portraits, which elongates their figure and highlights the gown’s beauty.

If you want more laid-back or elegant bridal portraits, you could take photos sitting in a beautiful seat or have photos done closer up. No matter what pose you choose, make sure you stay loose and avoid poses that look stiff or uncomfortable.

Even if you have a preference, it is a good idea to use a variety of poses during your photography session. You never know what photo will turn out the best or what will best highlight your gown and background.

Prioritize Natural Lighting

You want your bridal portraits to symbolize your big day and showcase the most beautiful and whimsical aspects. A big part of achieving this is using natural lighting that sets the mood and ambience.

Even though natural lighting is less predictable, it produces some of the most beautiful wedding photos. This is especially true if you want a more moody or whimsical look with cloudy lighting or evening light. Just make sure your photographer is prepared with the right camera lenses to capture the changes in lighting throughout the session.

Capture Genuine Emotion

The most stunning bridal portraits will be photos that truly capture who you are. There are thousands of beautiful bridal portraits, but they can come across as stiff and impersonal. The best way to avoid this problem is to ensure your photographer captures your genuine emotions.

Many brides have a mixture of more serious bridal photos where they are looking away or into the camera. But it is also a good idea to mix in more playful photos where you genuinely react to something. This may be a photo of you laughing at something the photographer said or sharing an emotional moment with the groom.

Complete the Look

Something to focus on in your bridal photos is showcasing your gown in the best light. After all, this has been one of your most significant investments in your wedding, and you want to remember how special it was.

Here are some things you need to prioritize to complete your look so you are happy with your portraits.


When choosing a wedding gown, you should have your bridal portraits in the back of your mind. Try to envision each dress in a photo so that you pick one that is photogenic and compliments your figure.

It should also go with the theme of your wedding and tie in well with where you’re having your photos taken.


Not every bride is going to have accessories, but there are a few staple pieces that work well in photos. The most common accessory is the veil, which photographs beautifully to create more whimsical photographs. Other accessories include the wedding ring, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and hair accessories.

Whatever accessories you choose, make sure it does not distract from your photos and merely compliment your wedding gown.

Hair and Makeup

Most brides invest in having their hair and makeup professionally done for their big day. This is also something you want to prioritize for your bridal portrait shoot to get the best result.

Carefully consider the best hairstyle for your face shape that works well with your veil and wedding gown. You also need to consider how your makeup will look in photos, as it may need to be applied a bit differently. For instance, some brides may feel washed out in their photos, so they need more color in their makeup.

Plan Ahead

Every bride has a different vision for her wedding, which is why communication with the photographer is essential. You need to ensure your photographer understands your concept and how you want the bridal portraits to look.

You can achieve this by having a mood board that showcases the style you are going for. This can include references to the type of lighting and mood you want and photos of other brides you like. 

It is also crucial that you reduce as much stress as possible when planning stunning bridal portraits. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure there is enough time scheduled for the bridal photos. You want to take your time with this process, especially if you are trying to capture certain types of natural lighting and environments.

Stunning Bridal Portraits: Why They Matter

Because there is so much going on in a wedding, you may not understand the value of bridal portraits. This is just one more thing you have to plan and prepare for, and you are already taking so many photos.

The reality is that bridal portraits are just as important as any other aspect of your wedding. In fact, you should prioritize photography since this is what is going to commemorate your big day.

Bridal portraits allow you to capture how you looked as a bride so that you can remember this in the future. This is important since many women will always remember their wedding as the day they felt the most special.


Creating stunning bridal portraits doesn’t just happen; you have to make sure you choose the correct poses, get the right lighting, and plan ahead with your photographer. All these things guarantee you will be happy with the final result.

Are you planning your bridal portraits and need a photographer who understands your vision? Contact us today at Blanca and Brandon so we can help you capture this important occasion!