Weddings only happen once in most people’s lives. Capturing the moment of the start of forever is something couples would like to achieve to keep the memory for the rest of their lives. Therefore, choosing a photographer who can encapsulate the beauty of the event is the primary goal.

However, how do couples tell if the photographer is the best for their wedding needs and preferences? By asking specific questions, you can identify the best fit for your photo and video needs on the day of the once-in-a-lifetime event of your lives. 

Here are 5 questions to ask your wedding photographer before hiring them.

1. Are You Available on Our Wedding Date?

Scheduling is the most critical factor to consider before hiring a photographer. As there are weddings simultaneously happening in various locations, it’s essential to know if the photographer you’re speaking with is available on the date of your special day.

The first thing people should inquire about is the photographer’s schedule on the specified date. From there, the conversation can delve into other topics that may or may not require consultation from the photographer itself. Although it’s saddening to let go of the photographer you want due to scheduling conflicts, there’s nothing couples can do if they are already booked. 

2. How Long Have You Been a Photographer?

Sometimes, clients are keen on the level of experience a photographer has. If you’re one of those clients, it’s best to ask how long photographers have been working. Although time spent on the craft isn’t always significant to a photographers’ skill level, it is a great way to learn what others can do.

If you have particular instructions or specifications, it’s best to hire a photographer who has gone through multiple clients with the exact requests you have. Also, consider their body of work and their portfolio. Being able to see photographs they have taken should imply how good they are at what they do.

3. Have You Worked in Our Wedding Venue?

Some wedding venues are trickier to shoot compared to the others. It’s vital to hire a versatile photographer to capture the place and its beauty. 

It’s advantageous to hire a photographer who has worked in the venue in the past as it will be easier for them to find the best angles and views to take the fantastic shots. As a result, the wedding pictures where the marriage will take place and the reception venue should look like it jumped out of a movie set or a dream that has come to life.

4. What is Your Photography Style?

Aesthetics is a significant part of photography. It would help if you chose a photographer that has a shooting style that aligns with your preferences. 

You should also consider photographers who can shoot in film, digital, or both.

5. Have You Shot Weddings During the Pandemic?

Lastly, capturing a wedding during a pandemic is trickier than usual. Although it’s doable, it’s still vital to hire a photographer that has documented a wedding during the pandemic.


Hiring professional photographers shouldn’t be challenging. However, you should know what questions to ask your wedding photographer to have your needs and preferences met. Once you choose your desired photographer, they should deliver their duties from start to finish to ensure a seamless experience and an unforgettable wedding.

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