Ohhhh We are just so excited to write this Blog Post!!! A few weeks back We announced the very exciting addition of Photo Booth Services to our Photography Packages! This addition to our Wedding Services has been a long time coming as We have been dreaming up the idea of Our B&B PhotoBooth for quite a while and are excited that it is now a reality! 

Before We provide all of the information, We wanted to touch on the importance of booking a photo booth for your wedding reception!

After your ceremony and before your reception events begin, there is a period of time within your wedding day called “cocktail hour.” Cocktail hour is when guests usually eat horderves and grab a drink at the bar. As your guests mingle and celebrate this monumental occasion, you and your significant other are typically taking Wedding Photos! These photos (varying on the layout of your day) can include family, bridesmaid, groomsmen, wedding party and Bride & Groom Photos! And depending on the size of your family and wedding party, this can mean an hour or more of photos in one chunk of time! Because those are some of the most important photos that you will take on your wedding day, it is vital not to rush through them and feel pressure to start your Wedding Reception quickly.

Something that will ease your mind is knowing that your guests are provided an activity that will help pass the time and also preserve their memories! You will be blown away at the amount of guests that will utilize a photo booth!

Now that We have told you our why let’s talk about how! 

We have one goal with the B&B Photo Booth. That goal is to meet all the photography needs of our amazing couples’ on their Wedding Day. There are so many items to check off your Wedding to-do list that We wanted to streamline the process and make it a little easier for you! Being able to book both your Wedding Photography and Photo Booth with the same team not only eases your mind but saves you time in the planning process!

By booking B&B Photography for Wedding Photography & Photo Booth services you can be confident that:

 1. We will photograph absolutely stunning wedding photos of your special day


 2. provide high quality photo booth images that will allow your guests, friends and family to enjoy themselves and make memories during reception!

 It’s the best of both worlds!

Our Photo Booth (completely built by Brandon by the way! He is such a rockstar in making this DIY Photo booth!) comes with  a beautiful sequin backdrop, 4k image quality capabilities and additional lighting for darker spaces. The photo booth also has fun props for you and your loved ones to use!

The photo booth is completely self sufficient but We do provide an attendant who will make sure that everything runs smoothly, paper and ink stays stocked and the table and props look wonderful and organized throughout the entire reception!

Our Photo Booth will provide your guests with endless entertainment and options during your event!

Guests can take photos, videos, boomerangs and gifs and get instant gratification of receiving their images through airdrop! No wifi connection required!  Our photo booth prints two 2×6 prints of your photo so that guests can either take both copies or even leave one copy for the Bride & Groom to keep! After your reception We will send a digital gallery of all images, videos, boomerangs and gifs to the Bride & Groom in the online gallery that We provide! Your guests will love the variety of options that the photo booth provides! Couples who book the B&B Photo Booth with their photography services also receive a special rate!

We can’t wait for you and your guests to have a blast using the B&B Photo Booth!

Blanca & Brandon

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