Ohhhh We are just so excited to write this Blog Post!!! A few weeks back We announced the very exciting addition of Photo Booth Services to our Photography Packages! We have been dreaming up the idea of Our B&B PhotoBooth for so long now and it is so exciting that it is now a reality!

Our goal with B&B Photo Booth is to meet all the photography needs of our amazing couples’ for Their Wedding Days by 1. Photographing Their special day and 2. Allowing their guests, friends and family to enjoy themselves and make memories during reception with our B&B PhotoBooth! It’s the best of both worlds!

We thought what better way to give the exciting details of our PhotoBooth than with a Blog Post! We would love to send you more information on the B&B Photo Booth! If you have any questions, We are just an email away!

Our Photo Booth (completely built by Brandon by the way! He is such a rockstar!) comes with fun props for you and your loved ones to use if you wish! The photo booth is completely self sufficient but We do provide an attendant who will make sure that everything runs smoothly, paper and ink stays stocked and the table and props looks wonderful and organized through out the entire reception! Our Photo Booth will provide your guests with endless entertainment and options! Guests can take photos, videos, boomerangs and gifs and get instant gratification of receiving their images through airdrop! No wifi connection required!  Our photo booth prints two 2×6 prints of your photo so that guests can either take both copies or even leave one copy for the Bride & Groom to keep! We will also send a digital gallery of all images, videos, boomerangs and gifs to the Bride & Groom in the online gallery that We provide! We can’t wait for you and your guests to have a blast using the B&B Photo Booth!

Blanca & Brandon

B&B Photo Booth! 2

B&B Photo Booth! 3

B&B Photo Booth! 4

B&B Photo Booth! 5

B&B Photo Booth! 6


B&B Photo Booth! 7


B&B Photo Booth! 8

B&B Photo Booth! 9