Brandon and I only take on a specific number of weddings each year to ensure that we can invest the proper amount of time, attention, and care into our couple’s and their special day!
Yes, we will be your Wedding Photographers, but as two people that you will spend the majority of your Wedding Day with, we hope to be so much more than that!

We will walk you through every step of this fantastic process because hiring a photographer can feel overwhelming! We get it! There are so many specifics to think about and many questions to be answered. We will help you decide the number of hours of coverage you need and curate a custom-designed timeline for your Wedding Day. We will ensure that every critical detail is captured and even assist in designing your picture-perfect Wedding Album! In other words… we have your back!!

From your Engagement Photos, through the Wedding Day, and all the way to viewing your beautiful images on your Password Protected Online Gallery, we will ensure every single moment is captured with precision and passion. To capture a Wedding Day and the special moments that it entails, you need seasoned photographers. You will want photographers who have experience capturing a Couples’ huge moments as well as the tiniest detailed ones!

Our couples spend an entire year, if not more, planning their perfect day and when it comes to the photography side of things, we don’t want you to worry one bit! You can sit back and relax knowing that booking with B & B Photography will mean having your photography needs and desires for you wedding day handled with the utmost care and love. 
We want to answer all your questions because let’s face it! You have a ton of them! And that is wonderful!

Please fill out the contact form so that we can send you our Investment Guide, provide details on our Package Pricing, whether or not your venue has a travel fee and so much more!

Welcome to Planning The Best Day of Your Lives!

Why Invest?

We believe that Couples who are investing in their Wedding Photography,
 deserve to be invested back in return 

We live in a time where taking photos is something we all do every day with the click of a button (which is such a wonderful thing!) But when it comes to documenting the milestones in your life,
hiring a professional photographer to capture your moments is an investment that you will be so grateful for.

The first time your husband sees you in your wedding dress, how proud your child looks wearing their cap and gown, the teary-eyed look your dad’s face holds as he gives you away…

These are all moments that once captured, last a lifetime.



So you just said "YES!!!" 
That is amazing! This engagement season of your life is so short. In fact... too short! 
You will spend the rest of your lives together! But your Engagement will only last a matter of months!
Let's celebrate YOU and this absolutely incredible moment in your lives!
This is the beginning of one of the most epic and beautiful chapters you will write in your Love Story!

Moments pass us by so quickly!
Anniversaries pass, children grow, and seniors graduate! And We love preserving every one of those special moments! 

Perhaps the greatest honor is how many of our beautiful Brides & Grooms turn into our maternity and family portrait clients! We photograph every event and milestone that you celebrate! 
Because every milestone deserves to be celebrated!

You just said yes!!!

All the amazing moments inbetween

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Our business was built on the foundation of preserving memories. Every single detail of your Wedding deserves to be captured with care and love.
Because as time passes, your flowers will fade, your wedding dress will be tucked away, even your memories of your Wedding Day will start to become a little foggy,  but your moments from your special day will live forever in your photographs. 
We will capture every single detail so you never forget any of your beautiful moments or details!
That is our vow to you! 

Capturing the "i Do's"


Blanca & Brandon are an outstanding and exceptional photography duo! 
They were not only photographers, they were also wedding planners and helped us with a wedding timeline they customized based on our needs.
 Blanca and Brandon, thank you for being a part of our special day and capturing the most precious moments of our life!  -Jemm & Jackson.

The quality and sheer raw spirit Blanca & Brandon captured in our photos reflect the care and effort that went into them.  They made it really easy to be ourselves, which resulted in candid pictures which truly express my and my fiancé’s relationship and who we are as a couple. We’ll treasure these memories for a life time!   -Audrey & Brian.

"Blanca and Brandon have such amazing energy behind the camera that it is so contagious! They took my family photos and they were incredible at capturing the authentic and joyful moments between me and my family. They are such an amazing couple and they have so much love radiating that it is nearly impossible to not feed off of their positive energy. highly recommend!"   

Blanca and Brandon are, simply put, AMAZING!! This wonderful husband/wife team are the epitome of not only #husband-wifegoals, but #teamwork!!  Their laughter and love for photography are infectious and you can’t help but love them both the second you meet them!
-Morgan & Eddie.