The first dance at a wedding is a monumental occasion. Whether your wedding is modest and straightforward or large and majestic, this symbolic first step into married life is a must-have special moment on your wedding day. 

Couples want to focus on one other, but knowing you’re the center of attention may be a little nerve-racking. Nowadays, first dances might be lovely and sentimental, hilarious or outrageous, traditional and elegant, or dramatic. Whatever you decide, your first dance reflects your personalities as a couple and sets the tone for the rest of your reception. 

With a bit of practice and perhaps a few choreographed dance classes, you can relieve any anxiety you might feel about the first dance and be ready for your big moment!

Why Is the First Dance at a Wedding So Important?

There are several reasons why the first dance has remained popular throughout the years. First and foremost, it is a magnificent custom with hundreds of years of history. It has developed from minuets, waltzes, and quadrilles to more contemporary ballroom dances and popular rhythms. The tradition of hosts opening the dance floor with a first dance extends to 16th-century balls. 

The first dance is also symbolic when the new couple is introduced to friends and relatives. It’s a private moment as much as an event that everyone in the room is witnessing.

Finally, the first dance aids in the transition from ceremony to celebration. The dance floor is accessible for an evening of fun after the usual dances between the newlyweds and the traditional parents’ dance take place.

How Can We Choose the Perfect Song for Our First Dance?

Music is a powerful emotional trigger and is as essential to the success of your first dance as the dance itself. The song you choose should express the love you feel for each other. 

If you are having a first dance closer to the start of the reception, many couples choose a song with special meaning for their relationship, whether it’s an old standard or a new tune. You have more options if you’re having a more formal first dance at the beginning of your reception. These include:

1. A sentimental, touching love song with special meaning for you.

2. A classic from a movie or television show that has a special meaning for you.

3. A romantic song from your favorite genre.

4. A song that speaks to the love you have for each other.

5. A song that people still know and enjoy, like a current hit or a popular first dance song.

You can also choose a first dance song that isn’t necessarily a love song at all but that has special meaning for you and your partner. For example, you might choose a song that’s a favorite of one of your children or a song you danced to at another time in your life.


You’ve been through a lot leading up to your wedding day, and the planning process can sometimes be overwhelming. Take a deep breath and remember your wedding is about celebrating love. The only way to do that is to have fun. 

Enjoy picking out all of your dance wedding songs! The songs for your wedding should reflect who you are.

Every aspect of your wedding day—from the planning to the day itself—can be a lot of fun if you’re with the person you love, surrounded by loved ones, and living the dream. What could be more fun than that?

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