A wedding marks a tremendous milestone in one’s life. But as weddings have become more expensive and stressful to plan over the last few years, many couples opt for a simple ceremony or even an elopement. 

And while eloping is one way to make your wedding day very easy and stress-free, it is still a huge day for any family. So even if you skip many other elements of a traditional wedding, it may be worth bringing a photographer to your elopement. 

There are a few benefits to having a photographer present:

  • You will want the photos. With many elopements, the couple relies on taking selfies or having a friend take photos on a phone. But this may lead to regrets later. After all, it’s still your big day. And a wedding is a huge milestone.

Even if you don’t think you will want the photos, you may regret it years down the line. Bringing a photographer to your elopement will preserve the day and ensure you will have something to show your children and grandchildren. 

  • It’s not as expensive as you may think. Many people opt for an elopement because they don’t want to spend a lot on a wedding. And with some wedding sites reporting that the cost of a photographer can be as high as $10,000, it’s an expense many budget-conscious couples may be tempted to skip. 

But elopement photographers aren’t quite as expensive as many may think. They charge much less for elopements since it’s much less time and work for them. And if you want to lower the price further, you can book the photographer for only an hour or two, rather than the whole day. 

  • You will want high-quality photos. For some people, the decision to elope has less to do with money and more to do with selecting a beautiful or meaningful location. In these instances, having a photographer present can ensure you capture epic pictures in a stunning location. 

A professional photographer will know how to get the best shots of the couple in the best location to highlight the natural beauty and simplicity of your elopement. Additionally, a wedding photographer can edit out any imperfections to capture the perfect day and show the couple in their best light. 

  • It can make your day less stressful. Let’s face it; even a small wedding can bring a fair amount of anxiety and stress. And trying to take selfies or remind others to take photos all day can dial up the stress considerably. With an elopement photographer, you won’t have to worry about it. Instead, you can feel confident that the day will be captured beautifully, meaning you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest. 

Weddings are an incredibly special time for any couple. And while all couples have different ideas about the perfect wedding, many of them still want to capture the joy of the day. So, even if you are running off to a tiny ceremony, bringing a photographer to your elopement will be a decision you won’t forget!

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