Couples seem to have a thing for summer weddings, and you can see their reasons all over social media: great natural lighting, bright colors, a laid-back approach, and an overall fun vibe—you get to show off those new shades, too!

A wedding is a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience for the bride and groom! And if you are looking to stand out a little more and be unique, we have just the idea for you! 

An Outrageous But Splendid Theme Suggestion

That’s why—and hear us out on this one—brides and grooms can have their own magical wonderland when they hold their weddings during winter!

A winter what? A winter wedding! Instead of going with the flow, swim against the current. Hold your wedding during one of the coldest but equally spectacular times of the year (snow).

1. You’ll Avoid the Wedding Rush

Summer has always been wedding season; that’s why friends and acquaintances often get married within months or weeks of each other! It can be a challenge for couples and guests, to juggle travel and conflicting dates during those summer months!

A January or February wedding isn’t typical and comes with several positives. For one, the vibe will be different due to lower temperatures and in-season floral arrangements. Since the new year is also just starting, guests are less likely to be pulled into overtime work or other family activities, so they’ll have time to attend! 

2. You’ll Save More

A winter wedding can sometimes be a little more affordable compared to weddings during summer or any other time of the year. 

Some venues have “peak season” and “off-season” pricing which can mean scoring your dream venue for a little bit of a discount!  We have seen some couples use the additional room in their budget for extra florals, a dream wedding dress, or their honeymoon! 

3. Vendors May Be More Available

Since you’re not getting married during the busiest wedding season of the year, your dream vendors such as catering, photography, florals, and more may be available!  

You’ll definitely want your dream team standing behind you on your special day! 

4. One-Of-A-Kind Photoshoots

Snow opens up possibilities for a new wardrobe during photoshoots. Want a glamor shot of you in a wedding dress with a (faux) fur coat over it? Doable! Does your groom fancy a bit of fur as well or an overcoat layered on top of his tux? Done! These fashion choices are perfect for winter! 

Seasonal flowers also surround you: chrysanthemums, amaryllis, Gerber daisies, roses, lilies, evergreens, and berries are just a few of the plants that bloom during winter.

Need A Photographer?

Planning to get married or engaged and need a couple of photographers who know what they’re doing? Head over to Blanca & Brandon and let us know how we can help! We’re a husband and wife photography team that understand the importance of documenting those quick, beautiful moments during your wedding!